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MS & PhD in Biodefense Prospective Students


The risks posed by biological threats have increased substantially in recent years due to globalization, advances in science and technology, and the changing nature of conflict and security. These threats are both man-made and naturally occurring. Biological warfare, bioterrorism, as well as emerging infectious diseases, all pose complex threats to human health.

The Biodefense Program at George Mason University was developed in response to these threats. The program provides students with a background in the science and technology of biodefense and the specialized areas of threat assessment, non-proliferation, and medical and public health preparedness.

While the responses to man-made and natural occurring disease outbreaks differ in important respects, they both require interdisciplinary collaboration, interagency coordination, inter- governmental partnership, and international cooperation. Students in the Biodefense Program acquire the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between scientists and policy-makers on each of these levels. George Mason’s biodefense program is designed to educate the next generation of biodefense and biosecurity professionals and scholars. It offers a MS, PhD, and stand alone graduate certificate.

Special opportunities for students in the program include an active internship program. Students can pursue internships for credit at every level of government, in non-profit organizations, or in private firms.

Interested students are encouraged to attend an upcoming information session.

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