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The Biodefense Program at George Mason University was developed in response to biological threats: biological warfare, bioterrorism, and infectious diseases. The program provides students with a background in the science and technology of biodefense and specialized areas of threat assessment, non-proliferation, and medical and public health preparedness.

Students in the Biodefense Program acquire the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between scientists and policy-makers on each of these levels. George Mason’s biodefense program is designed to educate the next generation of biodefense and biosecurity professionals and scholars. It offers a MS, PhD, and stand alone graduate certificate.

We're sure that you'll have questions throughout your time in the biodefense program. Please visit your program's section, the FAQs page, or email the graduate specialist Amanda Myers for assistance. Students are expected to know their specific program requirements (visit your program's tab), and the policies of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The links below will be useful to you throughout your time as a Mason graduate student.

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